Geoffrey Mackey

Welcome to my portfolio! I am a user experience researcher, designer and developer from Raleigh, North Carolina. Everything I do is influenced by research and analysis on user needs and general human psychology. Here are some examples of my work.


Tribe is a tool I designed for user experience professionals to help them schedule user interviews for their user research endeavors. Additionally, Tribe will allow users who elect to participate in studies to opt-in to the Tribe database to be contacted about future studies by any UX professional on Tribe. Over time, the Tribe database will grow and become a valuable shared resource for recruiting research participants, which UX professionals can utilize.

Here are a few screenshots of wireframes I created with their completed designs:

Tribe is currently in development. If you're interested in participating in the beta release, please visit and submit your email address.

Birchbox provides a monthly subscription service designed to help you discover new products that you'll enjoy. Each month Birchbox delivers a new box with samples of new products for you to try based on your interests. If you decide you want to buy one or more of the products, you can do so through Birchbox. While at Two Toasters, I had the opportunity to directly contribute to the design of the Birchbox mobile app experience. I conducted a usability study on the mobile app design. During the study, I identified two main areas of the design that needed improvement:

  • The "discover" screen is intended to be a way to reveal new products one-by-one in an interactive experience. Originally this interaction was simply a black diamond on a blank screen. Tapping the diamond would bring a new product into view and tapping again would reveal another item, and so on. We found that this experience was generally boring and not particularly useful. I worked with our design team to enrich the interactivity a bit by animating the diamond and to provide useful interactive "cards" during discovery that would appear between products. These interactive cards gather preferential information about the user's tastes to refine the products they see. The screenshots below show the wireframe and corresponding mockup depicting this enhancement.

  • The most important thing to Birchbox users that was missing from the original designs was a way to read and write reviews on products through the app. While Birchbox was not able to fit this feature into version one of the Birchbox mobile app, it is absolutely going to be included in version two.

The Birchbox app is currently available on the app store.


Luvocracy is a social network that allows you to buy products based on recommendations from people you trust. If someone makes a purchase on an item you recommended, you will receive a small percentage of the sale. When a purchase is made, the folks at Luvocracy scour the internet for the best deals on that item, purchase it on your behalf and take care of all the shipping details. While at Two Toasters I had the opportunity to work closely with the design team to develop user personas for the Luvocracy mobile app as well as conduct a usability study on the app designs.

The Luvocracy usability study resulted in some great feedback that was immediately addressed by their internal web user experience lead. Some of the updates we made were small interface tweaks such as using an ellipsis icon to represent a "more details" action instead of a plus sign or updating the copy on the "buy" button from "Buy It for Me" to "Buy It". Other updates were more conceptual as my study found that users were having a tough time understanding the difference between "recommending" something and "sharing" something. Ultimately this question lead to the idea of "luv"ing products.

Here are a few screenshots of a couple user personas I developed as well as a couple screenshots from the app itself:

The Luvocracy app was featured by Apple and is currently available on the app store.